In a world where film gear is becoming increasingly affordable, it’s not uncommon to see video content crews adopt big budget practices. Lean production companies are often releasing work that rival massive studios and agencies, and because of this; what was once reserved for Hollywood is now open season for studios like ours.

One piece of equipment that comes with us on every professional shoot is our Wireless Monitoring Kit. If you go back a few years, most pro-level wireless monitoring solutions were only available through the larger rental houses in Perth. But now, this equipment has become affordable enough to be taken on every shoot, big and small.

So why wirelessly monitor?

1. Keeping everyone on the same page

Wireless monitoring puts an end to any of the arduous back and forth, because everyone can see what’s being captured without having to crowd over the camera operator. This negates the need for people to make assumptions and establishes a clear line of communication and efficiency.

2. Double checking focus

It might be the glaring sun, or a tricky camera move, but staying in focus isn’t always easy. We’ve all been there; you return home, check through the footage and find that your most important shot is out of focus. But how!? ‘The shot looked sharp on set?’

That’s the great thing about wireless monitoring, you’ll always have an extra pair of eyes making sure the image is tac sharp.

3. Minimise overcrowding on set
Nobody likes a cramped and stressful set, and one of the benefits of wireless monitoring is separating ‘video village’ from set. This gives the actors and crew the space to do their job effectively without overlapping voices or people constantly looking over their shoulders.

4. Making sure you’ve got it!

Despite our best intentions, accidents happen. Whether it’s a boom pole sneaking into frame, or a Starbucks cup left on set; double checking the frame can make all the difference. When you wirelessly monitor, you are able to easily playback and double check any take to ensure that you don’t encounter any post-production migraines.