Social media opens up a new way of doing business

Social media sharing, collaboration and co-creation

Simple, cost effective and quick turnaround video content is a must if you are just starting out, building a brand or have an interesting story to tell. Whether you are growing a following or need to keep members up to date, we can help you plan and create the right social media.

Different types of social media videos we create


Bring your retail message to life with cut-through music, interesting graphics

New product

Show off your latest in a cool and compelling way.

Behaviour change

Changing behaviour takes time, understanding insights and a cut through approach.

Slice of life

Connect with your target market with a relatable lifestyle approach.


Simple product demonstrations can sometimes be the best.

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We specialise in a wide range of services

We create quirky, funny and informative social media to suit your brand.

Social media process made easy

When it comes to video production, Stir Fry will provide you with a simple process to deliver the best result - no matter the budget.


We will work with you on a content strategy


We come up with ideas, get filming and edit.


We provide a production schedule, scriptwriting and shoot logistics.

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A word from our clients

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Mary, Marketing Director ABC Blinds

Frequently asked questions

What is a social media video?

A social video is a short and engaging video made specifically to be posted on social platforms.

Which social media is best for videos?

Videos are the best performing kind of media. All social platforms are transitioning more and more into video focussed formats. TikTok and Instagram are currently the most popular video viewing networks, although LinkedIn and Facebook also get a lot of traction with corporate audiences.

What makes a good social media video?

A good social media video will be eye-catching and grab the audience’s attention within the first 3 seconds. You want to make sure they know exactly what the video is about. Now once you have their attention, get the message across quickly in a fun and concise way. If there is any talking, we always include subtitles as many viewers scroll without the sound turned on.


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